Rumors of Great Wolf Lodge at White Oak?

gwlRumors have been flying around recently about the possibility of Great Wolf Lodge looking at White Oak for a future location.  We have not heard anything conclusive but it is odd that we heard it from people in multiple states.  If we find out more we will post updates.

Hebron Church Road to be Site of Future Town Park Entrance

8101hebroncrMeadowbrook Country Club was recently bought by the Town of Garner for a future town park.  The current driveway is to narrow and awkward for an entrance so the town has placed an offer on  8101 Hebron Church Road.  This parcel is located between Hebron Church Road and the Meadowbrook Country Club and is needed for a park entrance because the existing entrance roadway and the land area around it are inadequate to handle park ingress and egress. The parcel is appropriately located for such a purpose.

2016 Garner ETJ Requests

2016_etjThe Town of Garner is requesting permission from Wake County to amend its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) as follows:

  • Extend: 7,153 acres (11.2 sq. mi.)
  • Relinquish:    454 acres (0.7 sq. mi.)   
  • NET:     6,699 acres (10.5 sq. mi.)

This request in its entirety is depicted geographically in this map.

The Town of Garner requests approval from the Wake County Board of Commissioners for an extension of the Town’s extraterritorial planning jurisdiction (ETJ).  The Town of Garner has not requested an extension of its ETJ since 1988, shortly before Wake County adopted its first extension criteria.  Since that time, Garner has undergone a considerable amount of growth, nearly doubling its 1990 population of 14,967.  Today, the Town has seen its publicly managed water and sewer infrastructure gradually expand beyond the core area roughly bounded by Timber Drive and the City of Raleigh corporate limits, and within the next 10 years, highway 540 will push from Holly Springs through the southern fringe of Garner to Interstate 40.  With these critical infrastructure improvements coming on the near horizon, we believe that these targeted future growth areas need to be within our ETJ so that we can administer the Town’s land use regulations as well as adequately plan infrastructure improvements to accommodate the anticipated urban growth in this area. Source:


Aldi looks to Expand

Aldi looks to Expand

A Conditional Use Permit in currently in the Garner Planning Department seeking to expand the Aldi store by an additional 1,000 square feet.  There is no further information listed as to what the intended use will be.

Famous Toastery Coming to Garner

According to their website Garner is to be the location of Famous Toastery, also referred to as ToastCafe. At least one facebook group says it will be the 2nd restaurant to join Chipotle in a new building under construction.  They cited a Garner Town Announcement which could not be found to verify.   More More Tweet Continue Reading

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