Buffaloe Limited Partnership Requests Change to R-40 Rezoning on Inwood Rd

General Use Rezoning Request , Inwood Road, Z-13-01

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Buffaloe Limited Partnership is requesting to rezone property from Light-Industrial (I-1) to Residential -40 (R-40) General Use District. The site consists of 11.8 acres and is located on Inwood Road.

Mr. Bass reported the existing zoning of the 11.8-acre site is Light Industrial (I-1) which is intended to provide for a limited range of low-intensity industrial uses; operations are restricted to inside a building (outdoor storage prohibited).

The proposed zoning district is Residential 40 which allows single-family lots of at least 40,000 square feet (.92 acres). Properties zoned R-40 are typically located in areas where municipal services are not readily available. Under this zoning, the 11.8-acre rezoning site could accommodate approximately 10 single-family lots.

The rezoning site is part of a 28-acre tract. Approximately 11.8-acres are in Garner’s ETJ and zoned Light Industrial (I-1). The remaining 16.2-acres are in Wake County and zoned R-40 W (Watershed). The applicant plans to subdivide the 11.8-acre portion into 2 singlefamily lots. The property has been zoned I-1 since the mid-1980s when Martin Marietta owned the property. Single-family residential is not a permitted use in I-1.

Public water and sewer service is not available. All properties along Inwood Road are served by private well and septic systems.

The 11.8-acre rezoning site has approximately 610 feet of frontage along Inwood Road (SR 1373). Inwood Road is a 2-lane facility with a 60′ right-of-way maintained by NC DOT. Inwood Road is not classified as a thoroughfare on the Garner Transportation Plan. The proposed zoning change from I-1 to R-40 would lower the development intensity on the property. Traffic impacts are not expected.

The requested zoning change from Light Industrial (I-1) to Residential R-40 is consistent with the recommendations of the Comprehensive Growth Plan for this area of the community. The applicant have also filed a Minor Plat (MP 13-19) application to subdivide the rezoning site into 2 single-family lots, approximately 5.8-acres each and two lots on the north side of Inwood Road (outside of the rezoning site).

Mayor Williams opened the public hearing.

Mayor Pro Tem Johns asked how far away is water and sewer. Mr. Bass said sewer is over a mile away, water is a little closer; the developer is making quite an investment.

Amy Holt, 4800 Inwood Road, asked when residents will know what is planned there.

Mr. Bass explained the current zoning requires a minimum 40,000 square foot lot size. The applicant will subdivide the parcel into two tracts of land and construct two homes.

Mike Stuart, 4716 Carolton Drive, represents the owner. He said the site is eleven acres; one house is planned to be over 4,000 square feet and the other is similar in size. He said he feels the surrounding neighborhood will benefit with this development.

Tom Cameron, 231 Inwood Forest Drive asked about why this is in Garner’s jurisdiction rather than Wake County. Mr. Bass said records indicate that in the 1980’s, it was an ETJ grant from Wake County. The County thought it was appropriate to grant this property to the Town of Garner. The boundary was discussed and reviewed between Garner and Wake County. Staff will get the files and update any additional information that may be pertinent.

With no additional comments, Mayor Williams closed the public hearing.

source: agenda for Garner Council mtg Jan 6, 2014

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