Planning Commission Recommends Approval of South Garner High School

wcpssCommission recommended approval of Conditional Use Site Plan CUP-SP-13-15, South Garner High School with four conditions, as presented by Staff by a unanimous vote (4-0). The following condition applies to the Conditional Use Site Plan CUP-SP-13-15:

  1. A recombination plat must be recorded prior to building permit issuance.
  2. Prior to issuance of a building permit, the document recorded with Wake County  stating the relocation of the onsite graves has been completed shall be submitted to  the Town of Garner. 
  3. Required street lighting along Hebron Church Road, New Bethel Church Road and  Clifford Road shall be installed and be operational prior to the issuance of a  Certificate of Occupancy for the building. 
  4. The Wake County Public School System shall monitor the intersection of White Oak  Road and Hebron Church Road as recommended by NCDOT when full enrollment  occurs at South Garner High School which is expected to be four to five years after  initial opening. If said intersection meets traffic signal warrants at that time, the  Wake County Public School System shall be responsible for the installation of the  signal in accordance with NCDOT and Town of Garner requirements.

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