Van-Tique Barber Shop – Like No Other Around

Van-Tique Barber Shop – Like No Other Around

Just two months ago, in June, a new barber shop opened up in Garner. Not the same old cookie cutter model everyone’s used to, but something unique, different and very YOU SENSITIVE. The name, “Van-Tique Barber Shop”. The shop is located in Aversboro Square, off the Aversboro Road.

The Van-Tique has an atmosphere that feels like hanging out with friends in a garage. It makes it seem like you are just having a beer with your guys while watching a sport match or just having a good conversation with them. As soon as a customer walks into the shop, he is welcomed, offered a seat and a FREE chilled drink to go with it. The shop has Several TVs that show sporting events, positioned in different places around its walls. And sometimes, other shows are played, just at intervals, to keep all customers engaged while they wait their turn.

Each barber station is not just the normal cabinet but a tool chest. Everything and anything you need for the best haircuts are available. If you looked around the store, you would see things like, Gasoline signs, license plates, 55 gallon barrels with sinks cut in, and so much more. All to help your comfort in making it seem like your garage.

A pneumatic retractable airline hangs by each sink ready to clear out any loose hairs left. You would never see hair lying around. Just above the towel warmer is a memorial to owner Jay Stephens father, William Stephens. He was hanging drywall in the shop while preparing to open when he suffered a heart attack and passed away.

Feel free and welcomed to check out the Van-Tique Barbers shop. Just Come by and see Jay Stephens or Daryl Stuart the next time you are looking to get a haircut. They are open every day from Tuesday to Friday between the hours of 8:00am – 6:30pm. And on Saturdays, they open by 8:00am and close by 2:00pm. While Mondays are left strictly for customers on Appointment.

Contact them via this Number, (919-673-7613).


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