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Avenue at White Oak

Avenue at White Oak

The proposed Avenue at White Oak is 29+ acres and will be 160 lots of Multi-Family 2 Conditional Use Townhomes.  The discussion was tabled at the November 5th Town Meeting for further discussion. The site is located near the intersection of Jones Sausage Rd and East Garner Road on the north side.  The property is a long and thin layout.


Rhora Subdivision Would Further Desired Connection between Benson Rd and White Oak Rd

Rhora Subdivision Would Further Desired Connection between Benson Rd and White Oak Rd

Rhora Subdivision is currently in Garner Planning and if approved as submitted when presented to the town council it would add 106 new homes. It will also make Ackerman Rd one phase closer to connecting White Oak to Benson Rd via Ackerman Rd. The town has publicly stated a desire to complete the connection and allow inner-connectivity between the two roads for traffic flow.

Conditional Use Rezoning

CUD-Z-18-11 (C-210), Rhora Subdivision – Bass, Nixon and Kennedy, Inc. is requesting a change in zoning for approximately 59.40 acres from Single-Family Residential (R-40), Planned Residential Development (PRD) to Single-Family Residential (R-9 C-210). A companion conditional use subdivision plan accompanies the conditional use rezoning request.

Conditional Use Site Plan/Subdivision Request

CUP-SB-18-08, Rhora Subdivision – Bass, Nixon and Kennedy, Inc. is requesting conditional use subdivision approval for a 106 lot single-family residential subdivision. The site is located at 8100 Bryan Road, 8110 Bryan Road, 0 Ackerman Road and 0 Benson Road and can be further identified as Wake County PIN(s) 1619-98-8721, 1619-99-5082, 1629-08-3891, 1629-08-6776, 1629-08-6877 and 1629-09-6033.

Abberly Solaire

Timber drive is the desired location for another residential project of HHHunt.  The land sits beside their other community Abberly Place.  The area cover 24.47 acres but no specifics of the number of units or features. According to conditional use application approved in February. which was a smaller project at 19.61 acres with 284 units may give an idea. Their website says “Coming in winter of 2019!”. link

Country Walk Subdivision Seeks Plan Approval

Country Walk Subdivision Seeks Plan Approval

SB-18-01, Country Walk – D.R. Horton, Inc. requests subdivision plan approval for a 337 lot single-family residential subdivision. The site is located at the intersection of Ackerman Road and Hebron Church Road.

The Master Plan was approved back in October, the subdivision plan provides the details of lots sizes, house sizes, etc.

Country Walk Could be a New Gem in Garner

DR Horton Homes got their Master Plan approved by the Garner Planning for Country Walk.  It will next go to Town Council for their approval.   The 130-acre site plan includes 337 units, 215 homes, and 122 townhouses.  What makes these stand apart from the site plans over the last couple of years is the mix of homes and townhomes as well as a clubhouse and pool.  Preliminary plans show a level of townhomes that are not standard to the current market, one with an attached 1 car garage.  The exact square footage number will not be available until they submit a site plan with all the technical specifications.  Country Walk is the latest version for White Oak Farms which was approved several years ago.  Like wine, the plan has gotten better with time and should be a higher standard with the amenities they plan to offer.  The homes should only be at a density of 2.6 max per acre, less than the norm for their zoning.  The location is just down White Oak Rd, off Hebron Church Road and Ackerman Rd.  and in close proximity to East Garner High.  The area has been a hot spot of late with 2 other subdivisions under development now and 2 new ones tabled to next months planning meeting.  The new East Garner High and Bryan Elementary area should see 1,000 new lots by 2020.

Glen Creek – 83 lots with all built out – link
Oak Park – 212 lots – link
Clifford Grove – 115 lots – link
A new Clifford Road Subdivision – 42 lots in planning
A new Bryan Road Subdivision – 19 lots in planning

Housing Boom Continues in Area of Clifford Rd and New Bethel Church Rd

Currently in review in Garner Planning is 2 subdivisions seeking application.  Surrounding the Hopper Communities site currently under development they are looking to expand with 2 more subdivisions or additions.  One additional with 41 lots and a smaller of 18 surround the 155m lots already approved.  Along with the 90 lots already approved, unrelated subdivision currently… Continue Reading

Auburn Village Seeks Approval 400 Homes on 120 Acres

Auburn Village Seeks Approval 400 Homes on 120 Acres

PD-Z-16-01 and PD-MP-16-02 – CalAtlantic Homes to rezone approximately 120.06 acres located on Auburn Knightdale Road between E Garner Rd & Rock Quarry Roads from Residential 20 (R-20) to Planned Development (PD C4). A companion application for a Planned Residential Development is accompanying this request. The property can be further identified as Wake County PIN… Continue Reading

Abberly Garner Seeks Approval for 284 Apartments at White Oak

CUD-Z-16-13 C-193 – Smith, Moore, Leatherwood, LLP requests to rezone approximately 19.61 acres located at terminus of Timber Drive East and south of White Oak Crossing. A companion conditional use site plan request for an apartment complex is accompanying this rezoning request and can be further identified as Wake County PIN 1720-72-7700 (portion of). CUP-SP-16-34, Abberly Garner… Continue Reading

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