What is needed in Garner?

The results are in, below is what was desired most to least.


Please note the YMCA is becoming reality once they raise more money so will not be listed.

316 votes – Trader Joes
Trader Joes is just too far away. We need healthy affordable grocery options that are not Wal-mart or target

238 votes – Splash Pad at Lake Benson
Lake Benson has plenty of land for a great splash pad. This would be an awesome addition to our area.

238 votes – More Locally Owned Restaurants
We need more fresh food restaurants that are locally owned — not more crappy chain places.

204 votes – Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million
A book store where their is enough selection to spent hours having a good time.

170 votes – Publix grocery store
A full sized grocery store at White Oak would be great.

138 votes – Old Navy
Great clothes at great prices!

135 votes – Hobby Lobby
We need a mega craft store.

133 votes – Home Goods
It left White Oak way too soon and is probably kicking itself now.

127 votes – More Local businesses!
It seems local businesses in Garner are banished to 40/42 when White Oak has such a presence and could be so great for small business owners. We need bars, restaurants, and boutiques!

125 votes – Ikea
Another huge draw for the area. Would bring Raleigh/Durham folks to White Oak.

117 votes – A Harris Teeter grocery store at White Oak
I currently drive almost 10 miles from White Oak to shop at the Harris Teeter at the corner of Hwy 401 & Ten Ten Rd. However, any full-sized grocery store at White Oak would be awesome. Target is overpriced and the only other grocery store is the Food Lion at Benson Rd & Timber Dr., which is over 3 miles away.

111 votes – Whole Foods
Grocery store

108 votes – Chipotle
Chipotle will be a great, healthy, quick restaurant to have in Garner. – Permit applied for at White Oak, article posted on 6/6/2016.

100 votes – Krispy Kreme
Yum Yum!

76 votes – Fresh Market
A unique grocery store with fresh deli and bakery and unusual items that can’t be found in a basic grocery store.

67 votes – Bed Bath and Beyond
We need a store like this so we don’t have to drive to Cary!

57 votes – Fun park
We could use something to do…something similar to Frankies fun park.

55 votes – SHEETZ
Garner is in desperate need of a Sheetz in White Oak.

48 votes – Farmer’s Market
Would love a weekly farmer’s market to support local agriculture and avoid the crowds at the state location.

46 votes – Mimi’s or Brigs (or any nice sit-down breakfast restaurant)
Something to attract people for a leisurely brunch/meal before shopping.

34 votes – Costco
It would be nice to have a closer location to go to

30 votes – Bonefish grill
There are no nice seafood options in garner and the closest bonefish is at north hills! Garner needs some bang bang shrimp!!

27 votes – PF Changs
It would be nice to have a Asian restaurant for date night or girls’ night.

27 votes – Tropical Smoothie
There is nothing like this in the Garner area. Would be great to have something like this!

25 votes – Trampoline Park
Like Jump Zone or Defi-Gravity

23 votes – Bakery for fresh breads

21 votes – A public pool (or 2 or 3)
too many people are having to pay out of city prices for raleigh public pools. someone mentioned a splash pad which is a great idea but we also need pools and a spray ground.

20 votes – JoAnn Frabrics
Garner needs a fabric store. I don’t like driving to Cary to get my fabric for my sewing projects.

19 votes – Ethnic cuisine restaurant(s)
Indian, Greek, etc
We need something other than a burger/pizza/wings/American cuisines.

10 votes – Drive in theatre
A drive in theatre that has showings every weekend.

6 votes – Soda Fountain and Burgers downtown
It would be fun to walk from GBI to a Soda Fountain for burgers and a milk shake after a game.

5 votes – Carrabba’s
Closest one is in Cary or North Raleigh (30+ minutes)

5 votes – Pedestrian Bridge over highway 70
To make it safer and ease of shopping on both sides.

5 votes – Italian Marketplace
I miss the fresh sausage, baked goods & deli selections from back home in Pa. We need fresh food from all cultures, but definitely Italian

4 votes – Which wich
Good, quick sandwich shop!

3 votes – Art & Antiques “Downtown”
I’d love to head to down town Garner and walk through an Art Gallery of work from local artists and wander through a couple of antique stores. Brunch/Lunch at a locally owned restaurant would make for a great Saturday morning…

3 votes – Water park
A place for children n adults to have fun

3 votes – Less food chains, more up scale restaurants for special occasions
You have to leave Garner to find a really nice place to celebrate an anniversary or special birthday.

2 votes – Sonic drive in
route 44 slushes!

1 vote – Ladies hair salon!
We need a neighborhood salon for us ladies 🙂

1 vote – Christmas Tree Shops
If you’ve never been to one of these, you’re missing out!! We have two in NC now–Greensborough and Fayettville—too far away! Don’t let the name fool you—they only have Christmas merchandise at Christmas:)

So we don’t have to drive into Cary or Knightdale

Children’s clothing and shoe stores
There are few selections close by for buying children’s clothing and shoes.

-2 votes – Total Wine
Large selection of wines and adult beverages.

-2 votes – CAFETERIA
Garner really needs a good cafeteria like D & S in Cary.

-3 votes – Big Steve’s Bagels
Love Big Steve’s at 210 but need one in this direction.

-4 votes – JIMMY JOHNS!
I’m tired of driving to Cary just to get some Jimmy Johns!

-4 votes – Duck’s Donuts
Cary is too far!

-6 votes – Noodles & Co
Fun place to eat!

-7 votes – Sweet Tomatos
Incredible Salad Bar, pasta, dessert. Great for Fresh Family dinner

-12 votes – Olive Garden, Benihana, On the Border, Tilted Kilt



The following were removed early on as they were disliked early on.

-11 votes – Wegman’s Grocery Store
-12 votes – Kids’ Art Classes/Camps/Afterschool Programs
-14 votes – Olive Garden, Benihana, On the Border, Tilted Kilt
-16 votes – Zoe’s kitchen
-16 votes – NYBD 3 – New York Bagel & Deli
-17 votes – Pump It Up
-17 votes – Yoga Studio
-19 votes – Jasmine Mediterranean Restaurant
-21 votes – Macaroni Grill
-22 votes – Victoria’s Secret
-24 votes – Paintball course
-24 votes – Acmoore Arts and Crafts
-26 votes – Steak N Shake
-26 votes – Mediterranean Restaurant
-27 votes – Dunkin Donuts
-27 votes – Pho Restaurant
-28 votes – Guasaca Arepas
-28 votes – Sur La Table/Williams Sonoma
-29 votes – Red Lobster
-31 votes – Cook Out
-32 votes – My gym and Music Together
-32 votes – Fitness Connection
-33 votes – Mall Belk’s, Dillard’s Macy’s
-36 votes – Brasa
-38 votes – Harbor Freight
-55 votes – Large Pharmacy at White Oak
-61 votes – Twin Peaks
-62 votes – American Eagle Outfitters
-65 votes – Intrex PC Store

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